Gambling Man: A Conversation with Adam Silverman

Adam Silverman’s work is a monument to risk. Once a producer of functional pottery, he now works at the edge of feasibility where principles of ceramic fabrication are concerned. Potentially ruinous firing techniques, uncontrollable glazing methods, and almost unsustainable forms all expose his work to the possibility of self-destruction.

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Acting on Impossibility: A Conversation with Ignacio Unrrein

Architect and doctoral candidate at Argentina’s National University of Arts, Ignacio Unrrein explores highly theoretical terrain in very concrete terms. His works occupy gaps—in perception, art-making, and personal relations (whether between individuals or between citizens and the city)—sometimes closing them, sometimes widening them, but always drawing attention to their existence and promise of opportunity.

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Still/Moving Projects: A Sign for Our Times

Few people would consider a breakwater extending out into the harbor as the ideal location for a sculpture. But the U.K.-based artist collective Still/Moving Projects thought differently. Speedwell, their most recent outdoor work, stands on the 915-foot-long Mount Batten Breakwater in Plymouth on the south coast of England.

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