Zhang Huan, Three Legged Budah, 2007. Steel and copper, 860 x 1,280 x 690 cm.

Zhang Huan

New Windsor, New York

Storm King Art Center

Zhang Huan’s multi-disciplinary blockbuster show at Storm King offered a material exercise in storytelling that turned on his biography and laid out his views on Chinese tradition, religion, and politics. Featuring delicate drawings, installations, photographs, detrital ash sculptures, and large-scale outdoor works, “Evoking Tradition” tread softly inside, before exploding onto the lush grounds touched by falling autumn leaves—the environment only slightly less evocative than Zhang’s over-life-size, gold-leafed likeness, suspended vertically as the clapper of a monumental devotional bell. Indoor videos, drawings, maquettes, photographs, and small sculptures introduced the range of Zhang’s practice and documented the making of Three Legged Buddha, a massive work in hammered copper, at once iconic and playful, gigantic and self-regarding. Installed a field or two away…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.