Costruttivo 1/71 B, 1971. Transformable modular organism and ground stainless steel, 390 x 195 cm.overall.

The Work is Not the Sculpture: A Conversation with Nicola Carrino

In a world unwilling to struggle for ideals and search for value, in a consumer society governed by products, money, and power, a conversation with Nicola Carrino about what art means is a refreshing experience. For Carrino, a young artist aged 80, making art is not simply about the work but about the fact that, through the work, the artist generates collective participation. Art is an instrument to produce ideas: the art-making process develops within a social context whereby the artist’s project becomes mediator between social demand and meaning.The core of Carrino’s work consists of the “Costruttivi trasformabili” (Transformable Constructives), which he began in the late ’60s.… see the entire article in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.