Park Eun Sun, Accrescimento colonna infinita III, 2014. Black and light green granite, 700 x 190 x 190 cm.

Park Eun Sun


Mercati di Traiano

Park Eun Sun’s exhibition at the Mer­cati di Traiano was a double experience, just like the artist’s soul (born in South Korea, he succumbed to the seductions of stone and moved to Pietrasanta in the early 1990s). His beautiful forms, created with precious marbles, are run through with fissures—an occasion to meditate on identity and fragility. If we stop at the beauty of Park’s monumental, well-proportioned forms, we lose their spirit. We have to try to understand the thought behind their unbalanced stability. During the press preview, Park explained, “My work has the ambition of rendering perceptible man’s inner conditions. The combination between two different colors—white and gray, red and black—characteristic of many of my works is a sign of duality …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.