Maria Cristina Carlini, Legami II, 2010. Cor-ten steel and lead, 350 x 250 x 460 cm. View of qoek in Forbidden City, Beijing.

Maria Cristina Carlini: The Aesthetics of Authenticity

Last year, Milan’s Fondazione Mudima and Fondazione Stelline co-hosted a retrospective of Maria Cristina Carlini’s sculptures, including large-scale works, maquettes, and preparatory drawings. It was a good opportunity to study the work of an important Italian artist (born and raised in Varese), who is not so well known—despite her track record of exhibitions in public spaces across Europe, the United States, and China since the ’80s. In recent years, her sculptures have appeared at sites of great architectural significance, including Palazzo Reale in Turin, Castello Aragonese in Reggio Calabria, and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Lack of good gallery representation might contribute to the neglect, but a more important factor is Carlini’s need for total freedom… see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.