Kishore Chakraborty, Chest, 2009. Wooden box, silver foil, hay, cloth, resin, and mixed media, dimensions variable.

Kishore Chakraborty

New Delhi

Gallery Threshold

After a gap of five years, Kishore Chakraborty has returned with “We the People,” a solo show featuring a few stark but strangely powerful sculptures. Employing a limited but dramatic palette of red and black and an equally economical but intriguing range of motifs (the crab, the tongue), these works present Chakraborty’s take on the “corrupted” life and times of new-millennium India. The title of the show refers to the Indian constitution and our oft-highlighted status of being the world’s largest democracy. In Chakraborty’s words, “This body of work is constructed around the theme of mental terrorism. Fear of crime, corruption, political abuse, social ills, and living like a parasite—in total, the making of an environment of fear—mentally or physically”…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.