Red and Black Cage (Enclosure Act), 2010. Powder-coated steel, 154 x 210 x 122 cm.

Jeff Lowe: Drawing Out and Enclosing Space

After the death in 1975 of the artist Roger Hilton, Jeff Lowe was driving in Cornwall, where Hilton had lived as a St. Ives artist. Lowe, who has collected the painter’s late gouaches, had been reading Hilton’s Night Letters, in which the largely bedridden artist wrote to his sleeping wife about his condition, his art, and his needs. Parking his car, Lowe realized that, quite by chance, he was outside Hilton’s house. Invited in by the artist’s widow, Rose, he noticed that boxes of effects crowded the space. Rose was moving out, and she feared that a mural, painted by her husband directly on an interior wall, would be covered over by its next owners. By accident, Lowe saw, as perhaps few other people would ever see, the work in its unique space…see the entire article in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.