Giuliano Vangi, Veio, 2010. Bronze, 182 x 145 x 11.3 cm.

Giuliano Vangi


Museo Macro-Testaccio

Curator Gabriele Simongini correctly describes Giuliano Vangi’s work as “a journey to the heart of humankind and the destiny of plastic form.” Vangi leaves us no escape: facing his work, we confront ourselves and our worst instincts, forced to ask ourselves questions to which most people today seem indifferent. Vangi has stood up to these immortal, uncomfortable questions, and he has transformed them into sculpture, forms in continual tension turned toward eternity. In Vangi’s work, we feel the centrality of human solitude (Uomo che si riflette nell’acqua); experience moments of relief and meditation before we succumb to aggression, violence, and abuse of power (Ares and Il Vincitore); and grapple with the real (C’era una volta). Once upon a time conjures a fairy tale repeating itself through the centuries…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.