Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, Theory of a family, 2010, mixed media, installation view.

Ginger Wolfe-Suarez

San Francisco

Silverman Gallery

It is tempting to read Ginger Wolfe-Suarez’s Theory of a family as a type of formal rebus. Inside the space of the installation, two large black volumes balanced precariously on a ledge above the entrance wall, set directly over twin plywood boxes emoting a soft pink light. Depending on one’s mood or perspective, these elements suggested benches, beds, or coffins. Additional elements included two small light boxes with hazy silhouettes, a pair of shoes cast in concrete, a large light-box showing an upside-down landscape, a two-by-four propped against the wall (one side covered with glitter), a heavy stone, and a mirror…see the full review in January/February’s magazine.