Erwin Wurm, Throw Yourself Away, 2004/2014.

Erwin Wurm


Städel Museum

“Erwin Wurm: One Minute Sculp­tures,” curated by Martin Engler, head of the Städel Museum’s contemporary art collection, consisted of a survey of older works and new works created specifically for the Städel collection. Wurm’s ongoing “One Minute Sculptures” series began in the late 1990s, and examples range from Estimating the Wood Mass (1996) to Theory of Painting (2007), made from wood, paint, permanent marker, and absorbent cloth. The show also featured a series of color photographs and videos documenting previous work. Although Wurm’s practice is diverse, he considers himself a sculptor, and his work has consistently investigated sculptural form and its spatial, material, figural, abstract, and cultural manifestations and significations. The interactive component of the “One Minute Sculptures” aligns the series to a history that includes work by such artists as Hélio Oiticica, Lucy Orta, and Franz West, among others……see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.