Ed Parrish Jr., Sublime Mitosis, 2016.

Ed Parrish, Jr.


The Irma Freeman Center For Imagination

Iron, written in the stars, holds the earth together deep within its core. It glides through the bloodstream, lustrous, magnetic, essential to existence. In Ed Parrish, Jr.’s hands, this elemental metal seems palpably alive. His sculptures embody iron’s molten volatility, cooled into austere, meditative forms that describe a dynamic cosmos while creating moments of revelatory quiet. Assemblage, iron casting, and painting merge in works that appear otherworldly – as if from a place of mysterious possibilities – yet feel intimate, full of familiar, sensual elements. Parrish’s patterns for sand molds arise from intense engagement with found materials and open a lucid discourse between them. Elegant designs balance tender clumsiness and startling gracefulness, echoing the nature of everyday experience. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.