Yukata Sone, Little Manhattan, 2007–09. Marble, 21.75 x 104.375 x 33.5 in.

Yutaka Sone

New York

David Zwirner

“Island,” the title of Japanese sculptor Yutaka Sone’s recent show, seemed to refer to the remarkable Little Manhattan (2007–09), a marble sculpture of New York City’s most famous borough. Weighing in at 2.5 tons, but relatively modest in size, the piece offers buildings, piers, bridges, and even the paths of Central Park. Not every structure is reproduced, of course, though the amount of detail is mind-boggling in its accuracy: Sone worked from photos and took a few helicopter rides in his quest for specificity. Little Manhattan certainly works as a sculpture and generates interesting questions about scale and truth to circumstances…see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.