Yuriko Yamaquchi

Numark Gallery

Washington, DC

Yuriko Yamaguchi, Metamorphosis #84-89, 1999. Mixed media, each vertical row approximately 70 x 27 x 8 in.

Nuance, paradox, enigma come to mind when viewing Yuriko yamaguchi’s recent show “Metamorphosis:” nuance in the way she handles materials and coaxes meaning from her hybrid forms, paradox in the way she sets up juxtapositions between life and death, dark and light, and inside and outside; enigma in the way she seeks and creates out of chaos an order whose precise nature remains a mystery… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Metamorphosis #81, 1999. Wood, abaca, flax, and cotton pulp, four elements approximately 46 x 42 x 10.25 in.