Andi Steele, Emanate, 2013. Monofilament, 119 sq. ft.

York, Pennsylvania – Andi Steele and Carol Prusa: York College of Pennsylvania

Andi Steele’s Emanate, an ephemeral installation of taut monofilament lines, transformed space into shimmering reflections and hovering shadows. Carol Prusa’s “Liminal Worlds,” a group of highly detailed acrylic hemispheres that clung tightly to the walls, also asserted an influence on their surroundings, though their effect was more subtle. By choosing to situate the works of two such seemingly different artists in adjacent galleries, York College Gallery director Matthew Clay-Robison created a dynamic energy that revealed surprising similarities of vision. Walking into Emanate engaged our sense of spatial perception. It felt disorienting, even dizzying. There was no solid point, just the vision of gently curving, diaphanous green lines. But the curves were an illusion, just like the color. The clear monofilament was strung in grids across an octagonal room, creating flat planes that angled and intersected in computer-derived patterns.…see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.