SILENT POINT, 2014. Shredded Japanese, Chinese, and French dictionaries, lime, and iron, 45 x 860 x 860 cm.

Words and Silence: A Conversation with Cécile Andrieu

Cécile Andrieu seduces viewers with forms influenced by three decades spent living and working in Japan. Using shredded dictionaries to give a material emphasis to different languages, her work comments on the state of global affairs, frictions between East and West, and inter-Asian relations. She places viewers within the inner sphere of conflict, disguised by harmonious form, usu – ally without detailing a specific narrative. If you know Japan, that’s Japanese indirectness while making a point. In fact, Andrieu has become a “French-Japanese” artist, delving into uncomfortable issues of immigration, integration, and acceptance to a degree almost mystifying for Western viewers…see the entire article in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.