William Corwin, Auroch’s Library (detail), 2011. Plaster, wood, and found objects, 168 x 300 x 114 in.

William Corwin

New York

The Clocktower

A chess game played by two American masters at The Clocktower in Lower Manhattan marked the culmination of a residency held by William Corwin, a New York sculptor who thinks long and hard about conceptual motifs. The chessboard and pieces echoed Corwin’s work for his month-long stay; during the game, limited to less than an hour, the foot-high, wonderfully sculptural pieces were moved and then removed from play after being taken by the opposing player. According to Corwin, the game of chess is a version of the real, just as his own work—an X-shaped, wooden structure placed in a small room that tenuously supports small plaster objects on narrow shelves—is a miniaturization of reality. …see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.