Wilhelm Mundt, installation view of “From Trash to Treasure,” 2011.

Wilhelm Mundt


Buchmann Galerie

Wilhelm Mundt’s boulder-shaped sculptures are immediate, yet they seem to be all about process and duration. They are also physically polished and perfect. Mundt has been making these brightly colored “Trashstones,” as he calls them, since 1989. A stone in an intense shade of yellow bears the number 493, testament to the artist’s stick-to-it-iveness and inveterate fascination with packed, covered, painted, and polished detritus. Though they seem of another world, as if tumbled down from the cosmos to cool in our mortal realm, there is an array of familiar stuff inside these craggy forms: garbage, studio debris, found objects, and personal information, all of which gets sealed within the rumpling surface skin of the rock.…see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.