Shapes in the Clouds V, II, III, IV, and I, 2014. Rosso Luana marble, 135-151 x 157-181 x 157-181 cm.

When Words Fail: A Conversation with Peter Randall-Page

Nature provides a multifarious range of forms, held in suspended animation between the polarities of stasis and transformation. Peter Randall-Page offers a Neoplatonic view of the world through his work, linking these forms in order to explore analogies between seemingly unrelated phenomena. His recent projects include a sculptural interpretation of the five Platonic solids; a new commission for the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, that explores an abstract evocation of theme and variation in music; and a 25-ton obelisk incorporating the world’s writing systems—from the cuneiform of ancient Mesopotamia to modern languages and contemporary methods—which is due to be unveiled in London in spring 2015.…see the entire article in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.