Water Station for the “Heaven,” 1999. Work from Water Ekiden–Manosegawa River Project, Kagoshima, Japan. Photo: Tatsuro Kodama.

Water Mirror: A Conversation with Ichi Ikeda

Japanese sculptor and performance artist Ichi Ikeda uses water as his main medium, a choice strongly connected to global environmental problems. Recognizing that water is one of the Earth’s most precious resources, Ikeda is dedicated to raising global awareness of water conservation through international conferences, community activism, public performances, and interactive installations. He encourages viewers to consider the larger context in which they live and to see how their actions can affect the Earth’s future through large- and small-scale artworks he calls “Ikeda Water.” Among the most important of these works are Water Piano, Water Mirror, Earth-Up-Mark, United Waters, the Big Hands Conference, the Manosegawa River Art Project, the Water Market Project, and 80 Liter Water Box.