Rachel Schmidt, Deadliest Catch, 2014. Archival pigment print, paper, foam, and wood, dimensions variable.


Washington, DC


Interspatial” was the second collaboration of the pop-up curatorial group Quota. Co-founded by Dawne Langford and Avi Gupta, Quota champions a broad definition of cultural diversity beyond notions of otherness and tokenism. Featuring installations by Rachel Schmidt, Johab Silva, and Levester Williams, the show dialogued in clever and unexpected ways with the architecture of Transformer’s shotgun gallery, as well as with the changing fabric of the neighborhood. Time became fluid in this malleable context, while space, both imagined and real, stretched to encompass in-between spaces and the jarring boundaries that define them. The future is now in Schmidt’s cautionary fable, Deadliest Catch. Mounted above head height, the sculpture gave an unsettling twist to the phrase “catch of the day” with its allusions to the folly of unbridled urbanization and the impact of population growth on the planet …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.