Sam Scharf, Artworker, 2013. Mason twine on steel mesh, 120 x 27 in.

Washington D.C.- Sam Scharf: Flashpoint Gallery and Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library

In Sam Scharf’s two-part exhibition “Nothing is the Same,” two deconstructed telescopes, encased in soft, transparent rubber, were mounted in the windows of two separate buildings and trained on each other, inviting the curious to make a visual connection across G Street NW. The title can be taken to refer to Scharf’s consistently inconsistent approach to materials. Each object in this bifur­cated show was singular in appearance and medium.
Growth seemingly erupted from the floor of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library. The irregularly shaped, fractured surfaces of its drywall panels were covered in a vinyl photo print that matched the lobby’s terrazzo floor. The construction—similar in size to a garden shed, featured gaps that allowed viewers to peer into the chaotic structure of the interior, lit by a single lamp. These echoes of the library’s marble floor and fluorescent lights showed Scharf’s strategic connection between his sculpture and the sleek interior of the Mies van der Rohe-designed space.…see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.