Photo: Jacek Gancarz, Courtesy the artist

Video: Rocket by Hubert Phipps

 Aerial video footage by Michael DeHoog Photography. 

On the Boca Raton Innovation Campus (BRiC) in South Florida, artist Hubert Phipps has installed Rocket, a 30-foot-tall retrofuturistic stainless steel sculpture weighing almost 10 tons. An avid flyer, Phipps frequently pilots down from his Virginia studio to Palm Beach, where his family were early pioneers and one of his ancestors was one of the first female aviators in the 1920s.

Rocket was selected for a new Art in Public Places Initiative between the Boca Raton Museum of Art and CP Group, a commercial real estate developer and the owner of BRiC. Surrounded by the Marcel Breuer-designed buildings of the IBM North American Research and Development Headquarters—where the first IBM personal computer was invented—the monumental sculpture celebrates innovation in modern engineering.