Ursula Morley Price, Brown Flange Bottle Form, 2013. Stone­ware, 11.5 x 7 in. diameter.

Ursula Morley Price

New York

McKenzie Fine Art

Born in Britain, ceramic sculptor Ursula Morley Price now lives in southwestern France. She is known for her fluted vases, bowls, and jars, which begin in craft and end in a place where craft cannot be denied as fine art. In Price’s hands, the traditional pinch-and-coil method becomes a statement of remarkable subtlety, with almost impossibly thin flanges flaring outward in tight circular patterns. While Price’s works are based on functional objects, their lightness and sculptural effects proclaim them more than fit for an art audience. Indeed, these recent works sit secure in their hybrid existence, with their functional purpose becoming nearly negligible in the face of a delicate beauty that transcends practical origins. Yet to assume that the sculptures are impossibly fragile is to make a mistake: even the exceptionally thin flanges hold their own as strong forms, both literally and metaphorically. The dimensions of the objects are almost always less than a foot, rendering them tabletop works that emphasize human interaction…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.