Fold, 2016. Latex rubber and silicone rubber, 73 x 40 x 7 in.

Under Construction: A Conversation with Hemall Bhuta

Hemali Bhuta’s journey into the world of installation has been fascinating. Her multi-disciplinary work focuses on the notion of in-between space, which she considers a plane where the limitations of dimensionality do not apply. By attempting to translate one medium or form into another, she questions the authority that determines the nature of a space. Though her materials seem robust and ageless, they are, in fact, susceptible to disintegration over time. Her site-specific works sometimes embrace their spaces, sometimes destabilize them. The resulting tension plunges viewers into the desired state of in-betweenness. Her trademark is the ability to walk away from her work, destroy it, reconstruct it–an approach that makes her creations all the more interesting.…see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.