Bharti Kher, Chimera I, II, II, 2016. Wax, cement, plaster, hessian fiber, and brass, view of installaion at the Freud Museum, London.

Uncertain States: A Conversation with Bharti Kher

If science is determined by a body of facts, then art is closer to fiction, moving between states of certainty and uncertainty in order to create visual parables of our lives as they are now, and are likely to be in the future. English-born, New Delhi-based Bharti Kher sees art as a situation. Her preoccupation with materials and matter is matched by her consideration of human behavior and how we interact with one another. She sees societal advances coming at the cost of the individual: It is strange now in India how it has become the easy option to have your sentiments hurt by art, imagery, and other things, rather than to look at the real world and to find that what you are doing is extremely problematic. Kher sees power, progress, and politics as having superseded the more ephemeral energies and alliances that have shaped the people of India. For her, the joy of making work comes with the knowledge that she is witness to history as it unfolds. .…see the entire article in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.