Proceso de inicio (Startup process), 2017. Plywood, iron piping, and scaffolding clumps, 600 x 400 x 1200 cm.
Photo: Paco Rocha

Uncertain Balances: A Conversation with Luciana Lamothe

Over the course of a remarkable career, Argentinian artist Luciana Lamothe has developed interactive installations of monumental proportions in which architecture, design, and structural tension lead viewers on dynamic journeys that reflect on material stability. The “masculine” rigidity and strength represented by steel, iron, and wood come into question when those materials are subjected to forces that violate their essence. Highlighting the dialectical relationship between construction and destruction, solidity and fragility, Lamothe’s works provoke powerful emotional reactions in those who experience them by linking bodies, structures, and surrounding space.

María Carolina Baulo: I would like to know more about the materials you use and the reasons behind your choices. A sense of “urban materiality” dominates your selections.
Luciana Lamothe: In my early days, I was interested in urban space. After 2001, I went to the streets in search of answers to explain the situation we were experiencing in Argentina. More than answers, I found a universe of information that allowed me to generate an infinity of questions and bring them into my work . . .

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