Dumpster, 2010. Fabricated and cast bronze, 84 x 54 x 38 in.

Turning Dross to Gold: Zeke Moores

Zeke Moores’s work interrogates the mass-produced object and the hand-crafted work of art. Focusing on the detritus of contemporary life, he replicates dumpsters, cardboard boxes, wooden pallets, pylons, and the leftovers of our modern industrial society in materials that challenge and confound how we assign value and gauge aesthetic beauty. Meticulously rendered in bronze and aluminum, Moores’s work re-contextualizes the mundane through materials and techniques usually associated with high art. You’ll never look at the trash in quite the same way again. In an effort to elevate the everyday through painstaking practice, Moore rejects the notion of “factory”-style art production and the machine-made, assembly-line practices of artists like Jeff Koons. …see the entire article in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.