Trident, 1992. Cast bronze, 18 x 48 x 10in.

Tracking Points In Space: A Conversation with John Dreyfuss

To navigate the streamlined sculptures of John Dreyfuss, one glides over gentle swells, negotiating attenuated ridges or sudden apertures before the undulations pick up again. At times, the shifts in plane barely pass notice; at others, they induce a vertiginous thrill. Born of an exacting process, these organic distillations bristle with shadow and light. Their smooth, solid surfaces invite caress, shrouding a core of mystery. Dreyfuss’s subjects vary, but as he explains, they all reflect an interest “in understanding the interaction between sculpted form, space, and light.” Along with animals and the human figure, he has explored weapons, tools, musical instruments, boats, and bones…see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.