Tony Oursler

District of Columbia

Video Dolls with Tracey Leipold

Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

Tony Oursler. Side Effects,1999. Mixed media with video projection. Performances by Tracy Leipold, 68.5 x 22.75 x 9.5 in.

Tony Oursler’s recent exhibition at the Hirshhorn Museum announced itself with a jangle of human voices that sounded like a Hollywood version at a psychiatric hospital. At the entrance to the show two spotlighted dolls hung at eye level, their bald and earless heads the size of cantaloupes, their video-visages chattering animatedly at each other (though they face the viewer). They lean together in a conspiratorial, friendly, fashion, and the slightly larger left doll rests its arm around its partners shoulders… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.