Tomás Saraceno, 14 Billions (Working Title) (detail), 2010/12. Approx. 3000 meters of polyester filament, 1500 screwhooks, and tube lights in purpose-built, 7-x-8-x-5-meter room.

Tomás Saraceno


Taidehalli (Kunsthalle)

A walk through Tomás Saraceno’s recent large-scale museum exhibitions conveys the impression that we are witnessing the work of a man obsessed. Much like a researcher or inventor engaged in the development of some all-important proof or machine, Saraceno focuses on the claim that we can comprehend the structure of the universe through the spider’s web. Rather than hone in on a particular salient feature, however, his project tackles the subject from the broadest possible perspective. He develops life science experiments and employs model-making strategies, state-of-the-art scientific analysis, video, and performance in the production of work that effectively stands as a marriage of architecture, science, and art. Saraceno’s investigations include the use of computer tomography, research into spider habitats, and an involvement with the international art project Museo Aero Solar. …see the entire review in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.