Distortion, from the series “Everything Out there,” 2004. Variable-channel video installation.

Time Sensitive: A Conversation with Silvia Rivas

Silvia Rivas graduated from the National School of Fine Arts as a sculptor, but she is interested in the capacity of video to capture visual ideas connected with the concept of time. Her first video installation was shown at the Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires in 1990; since then, she has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship (2001) and has represented Argentina at the Mercosul Biennial in Brazil (2001 and 2005). Space, ambiguity, the dual nature of things, the coexistence of opposites, and the thresholds that separate situations are constant themes in her work. She experiments with diverse materials, trying anything that she believes might interact with the poetics of time and its materiality…see the entire article in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.