Pentecost, 1999. Polyurethane, foam, sonotubes, and mechanized components, dimensions variable.

Tim Hawkinson

New York

Ace Gallery

Critical appraisals of Tim Hawkinson usually revolve around his image as a bizarro California inventor dude, puttering away on his strange thingamabobs. There’s no doubt that Hawkinson is often dazzlingly inventive; his ambitious work over the last decade has rightly earned him a reputation as a singular tinkerer. Yet there is something almost backhanded in the way the mad scientist image often gets invoked suggesting that an imagination as fecund as his must be somehow undisciplined: that his work isn’t serious enough to be taken seriously… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to read this review in full.

Tim Hawkinson, Pilgrim, Stuffed socks, 84 x 36 x 26 in.