Installation view of “Forest of the Mind,” 2012. Wood, stone, bronze, acrylic, and copper mesh, work at the Gateway Arts Center, MD.

There is Always Something Familiar: A Conversation with Laura Thorne

“Forest of the Mind,” the title of Laura Thorne’s 2012 exhibition at Brentwood Arts Space in Maryland, suggests not only her location—she recently returned to the Rocky Mountains—but also her interest in the creative process, language, nature, and science. Juxtaposing a mix of found and formed materials (from feathers, pine cones, and moss to glass, acrylic, and metals that shine with a space-age gleam), her work evokes fairy tales and science fiction, undersea vegetation, and apocalyptic ruin and survival. Thorne grew up in Chicago and Florida, graduated from Stanford, and lived in New York before settling in Colorado. After a decade in Washington, DC, she moved back to the studio that she built outside of Aspen, where she co-founded the Aspen Art Museum. Thorne’s other world is uniquely her own. Her biomorphic forms appear fragile, even when they are made of steel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, or copper… see the entire article in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.