Vibratum I, 2016. 15 acrylic disks, motors, and tablets, 300 x 200 cm.

The Work Takes Control of Itself: A Conversation with Mariana Villafañe

Mariana Villafañe’s work emerges from the study of geometric-morphological patterns, a dialogue between mathematics, pure geometry, and abstraction that gains focus from a sensorial point of view. Villafañe tries to find visual means of representation for movement, as well as the sounds and vibrations that it generates. A student of architecture and visual arts, she attended seminars with outstanding artists, critics, and international curators. Her works have been exhibited at contemporary art fairs and shows in Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Miami, Lima, Santiago, New York, Paris, and Berlin. In 2016, she had a solo exhibition, Paisajes Audibles (Audible Landscapes), at the Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. Her work is represented by Galerie Mark Hachem in Paris. …see the entire article in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.