Julianne Swartz, Re-Sounding Vessels, 2016. Blown glass, unglazed porcelain, electronics, and sound generated from the objects, dimensions variable.

The Shape of Sound: A Conversation with Julianne Swartz

There is a certain truth that plain sight offers us as visual thinkers and explorers of life. Sound, however, is often overlooked, though it is a major contributor to how we understand our surroundings. When sound and vision mix, our senses are ignited, and an emotional response occurs. It is rare that an artist is able to take the viewer’s senses to a place beyond what is visible. Julianne Swartz knows how to bridge these instinctual landscapes within our minds eye, with work that is an elixir to the senses. Her research and resulting sculptural forms take on a physiological stance and provide numerous entry points to experiencing light, architecture, tone, resonance, and touch, all leading to a feeling of deep play. I spoke with Swartz about expression and was left awestruck by the depth of thought that goes into her immense and simply beautiful projects. It is a profound statement made by an artist, when, as a viewer, you realize that the root of the work is locked within your body. Swartz is attempting to reveal something that is inside all of us dynamic, expressive, intimate feeling felt through the shape of sound.…see the entire article in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.