Installation view with (left to right) 68, Saddle, Emulator, and Skiff 2013.

The Object of Painting: A Conversation with Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson’s aquiline sculptures are meticulously executed: simple abstract shapes carved in rigid polyurethane foam coated and recoated with resin, sanded until pristine, then painted monochromatically in var­ious shiny colors. This painstaking craftsmanship also carries over into elements never seen by viewers, including the belabored hanging mech­anisms mounting the pieces to the wall and the custom transport/storage boxes made for each individual work. All of these elements—seen and unseen—reflect Thompson’s obsessive manner and cobbler-like approach to making things by hand, and making them well. To this com­mitment, he adds a visionary sensibility. His old-school respect for materials and the pleasure that he takes in patient handicraft might seem at odds with his futuristic vision, yet his work represents a seamless coupling of inspiration and perspiration, to the benefit of viewers. …see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.