Terike Haapoja, Edge of the World, 2011. Mixed-media, computerized installation.

Terike Haapoja


Amos Anderson Art Museum

Entropy, mazes, memory, and zones of electromagnetic radiation residing just beyond the visible spectrum play an important role in the work of Terike Haapoja. Investigating mortality, as well as themes of co-existence and communication between individuals, she harnesses media technologies and mobilizes various kinds of expert assistants to develop works that bridge nature and technology, science and art. In Edge of the World (2011), she has partnered with a scientist, sound designer, engineer, animator, and 3D modeling specialist to create a labyrinthine installation that must be navigated in the dark, one visitor at a time. A wall-mounted monitor showing Haapoja’s “Field of View” series (2011) forms an introduction to the labyrinth. An essentially colorless picture, this excerpt depicts a wooded landscape in stark relief and fuels expectations of what will be seen inside…see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.