Tara Donovan, Draw­ing (Pins), 2014.

Tara Donovan

New York

Pace Gallery

Drawing seems a misnomer for Tara Donovan’s new two-dimensional works. The 14 works, all titled Drawing (Pins), were created with a method that she began using in 2009 and date from 2011 to the present. For each piece, Donovan pressed hundreds of thousands of straight pins into painted white Gator Boards to create simple geometric shapes divided into bands of gray: circles, squares, diamonds and crosses. While the works are sold individually, most of them fall into pairs that offer both the positive and inverse of a given shape in grayscale. Each pin has been methodically and precisely placed; some overlap in tight clusters, while others dot across large expanses of blank space. …see the entire review in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.