Waterwork, 1983-84 (dismantled 1995). Galvanized steel pipe, terra-cotta, channel pipe, concrete, steel, and water. 20 x 130 x 70 ft. overall.

Systems: A Conversation with Nancy Holt

Nancy Holt, whose work spans more than four decades, is acclaimed as a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and sculptor. Her public art commissions include Dark Star Park in Rosslyn, Virginia; Catch Basin in St. James Park in Toronto, and the iconic Sun Tunnels in Great Desert Basin, Utah. Holt’s “systems” access the great infrastructure of the earth and act as environmental projects that join viewers to the wonders of the solar system. Her work with systems has produced major sculptural innovations, including installations that extend from interior galleries to exterior spaces. Time-based elements stimulate participation, whether viewers turn down the heat in an art gallery, feel a gust of air, experience the summer solstice, or trace light from the constellations overhead... see the entire article in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.