Chiara Corbelletto, Complex Simplicity, 2013. Polypropylene, 9 ft. high. from “Summer of Sculpture.”

“Summer of Sculpture”

Auckland, New Zealand

Wynyard Quarter

In conjunction with the ISC symposium International Dialogue, Outdoor Sculpture 2001 Incorporated Society (New Zealand’s only sculptors’ society) initiated, curated, and presented “Summer of Sculpture.” Organized by artists Charlotte Fisher, Neil Miller, and Richard Mathieson, the show populated Auckland’s newly developed Wynyard Quarter waterfront with the works of 24 New Zealand sculptors. Some were traditional, three-dimensional objects, while others were acoustic, projected image, and text-based pieces. A cluster of decommissioned silos and the outdoor urban/industrial areas of the Wynyard Quarter provided distinct spaces for this wide-ranging exhibition. Installations were housed in the 140-foot chambers of the silos and dramatically lit by natural light channeled through louver windows. Fiona Garlic’s cautionary tale in the form of a giant plywood charm bracelet floated just above head height. John Radford’s monster cardboard bolt screwed its way through a wall and out the other side. Louise Purvis responded to her silo by constructing a 12-foot-high, cage-like church out of steel modules. Christine Hellyar’s Gathering brought together three human-size, bronze plant forms, and Chiara Corbelletto suspended net-like polypropylene structures from a 30-foot internal steel walkway. …see the entire review in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.