Let One Hundred Flowers Bloom, 2005. Zinc platform, 25 zinc containers, 9 compact axial fans, air conditioning system, irrigation system, lighting system, 100 flowers, earth, and video projection, detail.

Subtle Power: Alfredo Jaar’s Recent Installations and Permanent Public Interventions

Alfredo Jaar’s body of work continues to be widely discussed in terms of the theory and politics of images. He often critiques the use and ownership of well-known photographs and raises topics largely ignored by the media. His work has received critical acclaim for its efficacy in giving a voice to the powerless, the marginalized, and the persecuted. For example, a series of images and installations focusing on the Rwandan genocide (1994–2000) examines how an entire continent, Africa, can go largely ignored by Western media and political and economic elites…see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.