Lenka Clayton, Boomerang Sent to Australia and Back Again, 2014. Boomerang, custom box, brown paper, labels, pen, and international postal services, series of 3, 18 x 18 x 2 in. each. Photo: Tom Little

Strange Devices, by Joshua Reiman

In Strange Devices, Joshua Reiman—frequent Sculpture contributor and chair of the sculpture program at the Maine College of Art and Design—considers the definition and nature of sculpture. Almost 40 years after Rosalind Krauss wrote Sculpture in the Expanded Field, physical works of art continue to splinter and move further away from their entrenched institutionalized categorizations. Our understanding of what sculpture is has dramatically shifted in just the last 20 years. But have discussions evolved in tandem? Does “sculpture” adequately express work that inhabits space or is the space itself? With two essays, three reviews, and 15 interviews with artists (including Rina Banerjee, Matthew Barney, Lenka Clayton, and Young Joon Kwak), Strange Devices frames contemporary sculpture as neospatial production. For more information, visit www.joshuareiman.com/store/strange-devices.