Installation view with (foreground) Memory Garden, 1989. Amber bottles, wood, and glue, 27 x 28 x 31 in.

Spirit and Matter: A Conversation with Mildred Howard

Over the course of four decades, Mildred Howard has created rich and evocative work, taking common objects of daily life and infusing them with a spark that illuminates the underlying significance and historical weight of cultural forms. In freestanding sculptures, wall-mounted musings, graphic explorations, and representations of shelter, she has developed a language to address racism, injustice, need, and compassion. What sets her work apart from much politically engaged art is its grace and elegance. Howard brings a profound dedication to her subject matter and supports her work with an eloquence of form and a beauty of materials. “Mildred Howard—Spirit and Matter” gathered a selection of her most iconic sculptural works at the Richmond Art Center, as well as graphic works never before exhibited. …see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.