Davin Watne, Life is a Collision, 2008. Taxidermy mount and mirrors, dimensions variable. From “/spek-tr m/.”

“/spek-tr m/ variance of sculpture and form”

Kansas City

Studios Inc

The best group shows spark conversations between artworks, revealing new dimensions and offering fresh insights. “/spek-tr m/ variance of sculpture and form,” which showcased works by many of Kansas City’s best-known sculptors, did just that. Studios Inc is a nonprofit studio complex and residency program located just east of KC’s Crossroads Arts District. It maintains a collection consisting of works donated by resident artists as a condition of their three-year tenure. Studios Inc’s associate director, Robert Gann, drew from these holdings for “/spektr m/.” A Minimalist aesthetic dominated the show, many works evidencing an aura of quiet self-containment and an attraction to domestic and landscape references…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.