Sobre el espacio (About Space) (2 views), 2015. Painted electrowelded mesh and expanded metal, 160 x 100 x 380 cm.

Space as Object: A Conversation with Natalia Abot Glenz

Space, abstraction, geometry, remnants of a Minimalist aesthetic, balance of force and weight, and light: Natalia Abot Glenz’s work brings all of these words and concepts to mind. She thinks about space not only as a means, but also as an end-the sculpture may determine the construction, but space designs the route. When Glenz changes the configuration of her works, establishing new conversations between them, the space mutates. As she explains, “scale, construction, position, shape, texture, tension, and spatial qualities-all try to register an ‘artistic moment’ full of intensity, hoping to achieve that unique mystery that sustains and gives foundation to the work.” A young Argentine architect and sculptor, Glenz studied with some of the most important artistic figures in Argentina, including Jorge Gamarra, Julian Agosta and Aurelio Macchi from Spain, sculptor Martin Chirino, and ceramist Elena Colmeiro. Since 2004, Glenz has exhibited regularly with Jorge Mara-La Ruche Gallery. Her work has been acquired by international private collections as well as Argentine museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Salta (MAC SALTA) and the Museum of Contemporary Latin-American Art of La Plata (MACLA), among others. …see the entire article in the print version of December’s Sculpture magazine.