Solange Pessoa, Origo, 2010– 17. Clay, bronze, and yam leaves, dimensions variable.

Solange Pessoa

Los Angeles

Blum & Poe

Dictionaries define a fetish as a spirit attached to a material object; if nothing else, the oddly configured, misshapen, and obsessional pieces made by the Brazilian artist Solange Pessoa count as such. Her sculptures look as if they have a job to do in the service of divination or magic. The work is deeply suffused with metaphysics, mystery, loss, and sorrow. Pessoa combines the conceptual and philosophical with the quasianthropological, fabricating her own permutations of a “primitive” sublime. Engaging the machinery of primitivism, her work embraces myth and psyche, resurrecting the present to a now exotic, primal past. These extraordinarily romantic bonds that tie the …see the entire review in the print version of May’s Sculpture magazine.