Sol LeWitt

New York

P.S. 1

Sol LeWitt, Concrete Block, Cinder blocks, site-specific installation at PS.1.

More than 30 years ago, Sol LeWitt published Sentences on Conceptual Art, a series of statements that more truly functioned as imperatives than comments in regard to systemic and conceptual art. Lewitt, long known for his tireless application of theorems in art, whereby, for example, a directive involving linear patterns emanating from a series of points on a plane is explored to its logical, and exhaustive, conclusion, took away from his exercises a more than merely structural regard for arts possibilities. He
argues for an outlook we do not immediately associate with his beautiful but highly structured works: “1. Conceptual artists are mystics rather than rationals. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach,” and “10. Ideas can be works of art; they are in a chain of development that may eventually find some form. All ideas need not be made physical,” and “11. ldeas do not necessarily proceed in logical order. They may set one off in unexpected directions, but an idea must necessarily be completed in the mind before the next one is formed.” … See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Installation view of the show.