Sofia Donovan, De Los Pelos, 2011. Ceramic and copper wire, 48 x 63 x 20 cm.

Sofia Donovan

Santiago and Buenos Aires

Stuart Contemporary and Federico Towpyha Arte Contemporáneo

Sofia Donovan, a multifaceted young Argentine-born artist living in Chile, works in photography, video, painting, and sculpture. In her recent work, she has developed an interesting play between form and content, using ceramic to create amazing sculptures that carry a powerful physical presence. Donovan’s works investigate the human body and its representation. Over the last couple of years, her search has emphasized the mediated body in its daily environment. A good example, according to the artist, is the body’s role in medicine. Donovan questions whether the body still functions as a vehicle for experience and relations with other people or if it has been reduced to a mere object. …see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.