In-Between, 2015. Sanded Dibond, dimensions variable.

Sinead McKeever: There But Not There

Though artists rarely develop in a straightforward manner, Modernist thought likes to pretend that there is an “onward and upward” ascent toward some kind of perfection. In reality, however, most artists make small incremental moves (sometimes forward, sometimes back), while, every now and then, experiencing a sudden spurt ahead–a jump that, without the benefit of hindsight, one could never have predicted. Sinead McKeever has recently taken such a jump. During the Belfast International Arts Festival, she showed Circuit (2016) at the Queen Street Studios Gallery. Imagine that you have just stepped into a small room, entering through an open archway. To your immediate right, a large mirror, roughly eight by four feet, hangs on the wall. If you stand in front of this mirror, facing away from it, and look to the floor, you’ll find another eight-by-four mirror, one end just touching the opposite wall. Starting from a position on the floor mirror (two feet out from the wall), about 50 thin strips of Dibond, each one about eight feet high, lean into the wall. …see the entire article in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.