Simon Starling, Three White Desks, 2008–09. 3 wooden desks, 3 crates, and print, installation view.

Simon Starling


Rennie Collection

“Simon Starling: Collected Works” featured a selection of projects produced between 2005 and 2014. The British artist, who lives in Copen hagen, received the Turner Prize in 2005 for Shedboatshed, an often cited work that established his attachment to the journey form-of travel in the conventional sense and of peregrination from one state or stage to another in temporal, cultural, material, formal, and other contexts, constructs, transformations, and meanings. One Ton, II (2005) consists of five handmade platinum/palladium photographic prints. The number of prints produced in this early-19th century manner was determined by the quantity of platinum-group metal salts derived from one ton of ore extracted from a vast opencast mine in South Africa. …see the entire review in the print version of Jul/Aug’s Sculpture magazine.